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I di mae tihk
Word Combinations (adjective), Word Parts
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: peculiar to or characteristic of a particular individual or group.
She speaks an idiomatic Italian that I'm not familiar with.
definition 2: of an expression or usage of words, peculiar within a particular language itself, esp. having a meaning that cannot be understood from the individual meanings of elements.
The phrase "cut it out" is idiomatic when it means "stop what you are doing."The teacher explained the idiomatic usage of the phrase to me.An "idiom" is an idiomatic expression.
definition 3: containing many idioms.
The slang and idiomatic language used by the American students was hard for the foreign students to understand.
definition 4: having a unique style or manner, esp. in art or literature.
Cummings was an idiomatic poet.
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derivation: idiomatically (adv.)
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