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parts of speech:
noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb
draw the line, read between the lines
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a thin, unbroken, elongated mark, as made on a surface.
Notebook paper always has lines, but stationery rarely does.She drew a line in the sand with a stick.
hatch, stripe
similar words:
band, bar, furrow, hairline, limit, lineation, mark, outline, score, stria, striation, strip, underline
definition 2: a boundary or limit; point at which something must stop.
The criminals crossed the state line.
border, boundary, edge, limit, outline
similar words:
bound, compass, demarcation, frontier, margin, mete, rim
definition 3: a string, rope, wire, or the like.
Put the washing out on the line.
bowline, cable, cord, filament, hawser, painter, rope, twine
similar words:
clothesline, lanyard, sheet, snell, string
definition 4: a row of persons or things.
The line for tickets went all the way around the block.
queue, rank, row, string
similar words:
array, chain, concatenation, cortege, procession, range, run, series, single file
definition 5: a group of words that serve as a unit of a larger composition.
a line of poetrya line of text
foot, passage, phrase, stich, verse
similar words:
antistrophe, refrain, stanza, strophe, versicle
definition 6: a transportation system, or a particular route taken by vehicles in the system.
the bus line
similar words:
metro, railroad, railway, subway, transit, trunk line
definition 7: means of making a living; trade or profession.
His line is food service.
business, field, livelihood, métier, occupation, profession, trade, vocation, walk of life
similar words:
avocation, calling, career, game, job, living, pursuit, specialty
definition 8: a doctrine or set of beliefs.
belief, doctrine, ideology, party line, tenet
similar words:
approach, canon, dogma, philosophy, policy, scheme, system
definition 9: a conducting wire or set of wires in an electrical or telephone system.
cable, wire
similar words:
circuit, coaxial cable, party line, telegraph, trunk, trunk line, WATS
definition 10: (pl.) shape or contour, as of a building, sculpture, or the like.
contour, lineation, outline, pattern
similar words:
design, figure, form, hang, profile, shape, silhouette, sketch
definition 11: a very short written message; letter.
memo, memorandum, notation, note, word
similar words:
jotting, letter, message
definition 12: in football, the players who form on the line of scrimmage.
similar words:
formation, line of scrimmage, lineup
definition 13: (slang) a small amount of cocaine in a thin row for sniffing.
definition 14: a statement, often unoriginal and insincere, that is made to pacify, persuade, flatter, or charm.
He told her she looked like a goddess, but it was just one of his usual lines with women.Every time I called, they gave me some line about his being in a meeting.
phrase: draw the line
phrase: read between the lines
part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: lined, lines, lining
definition 1: to take a place in a line (usu. fol. by up).
similar words:
align, organize, range, rank, string
definition 2: in baseball, to hit the ball in a more or less straight line.
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to cause to form into a line or row.
array, queue, range
similar words:
align, arrange, marshal, rank, regiment, row, straighten, string
definition 2: to arrange for or organize; make ready (fol. by up).
We lined up support for the tax bill.
arrange, enlist, marshal, organize
similar words:
employ, engage, enroll, get, reserve, secure, sign up
definition 3: to mark with a line or lines.
crosshatch, groove, hatch, rule, striate, underline, underscore
similar words:
belt, delineate, draft, draw, furrow, incise, inscribe, score, sketch, streak, trace
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