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parts of speech:
noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb
on account of, take into account
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a story or report; narrative.
He gave an interesting account of their vacation.Her account of the incident was different from his.
chronicle, description, explanation, narrative, recitation, record, relation, report, statement, story, tale, version
similar words:
commentary, declamation, elaboration, exposition, history, memoir, narration, portrayal, recital, rehearsal, representation, tidings
definition 2: a statement of the causes or reasons behind some action, event, or phenomenon.
This was one scientist's account of how the universe began.
definition 3: an explanation of conduct.
He was asked to give an account of his actions on that night.
definition 4: ground or reason for carrying out some action; basis.
On no account should the guard leave his post.On what account are you requesting this information?
definition 5: a record of money spent or received.
According to your account at the bank, you made five deposits this month.
book, record, statement
similar words:
bill, bookkeeping, charge, check, computation, invoice, tally
definition 6: a business client or customer.
The advertising agency was lucky to get two new accounts this fall.
similar words:
client, customer
definition 7: value or worth.
The opinions of the children were of little account to him.
consequence, distinction, import, importance, merit, note, regard, significance, use, value, worth
similar words:
dignity, esteem, honor, reputation, repute
definition 8: behalf.
Please don't stay up late on my account.
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phrase: on account of
phrase: take into account
part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: accounted, accounting, accounts
definition 1: to explain (usually followed by "for").
I can't account for her feelings toward him.
clarify, explain, illuminate, justify, rationalize
similar words:
elucidate, interpret
definition 2: to provide a count or tally, esp. of money spent and taken in (usually followed by "for").
I can account for every dollar I spent.
explain, report on
similar words:
enumerate, tally
definition 3: to be the cause of (usually followed by "for").
He accounted for several runs in the ball game.Hard work accounts for his success.
achieve, generate, produce
similar words:
cause, create, effect, give rise to, occasion
part of speech: transitive verb
definition: to regard as.
I account him of little worth.
consider, count, deem, rate, regard
similar words:
appraise, assess, believe, estimate, gauge, judge, reckon, think of, value, view
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