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re k mend
Word Combinations (verb)
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: recommends, recommending, recommended
definition 1: to put forward as being worthy of regard or confidence; give endorsement of.
I highly recommend her for the job.Can you recommend a good hotel in the area?The librarian recommended some excellent books to us.The doctor recommended to her a diet that would help control her blood pressure.
commend, endorse
similar words:
advocate, approve of, back, boost, favor, promote, root for, second, support, vouch for
definition 2: to put forward as advisable.
The pharmacist recommended that the medication be taken before bed.I recommend that you not make a decision until you've considered the matter seriously.The doctor recommended that I see a specialist.The teacher recommended getting some private tutoring for the child.The mechanic recommended having the oil changed more frequently.
advise, advocate, counsel
similar words:
encourage, enjoin, prescribe, propose, propound, suggest, urge
definition 3: to cause to appear worthy.
He has little more than his good looks to recommend him for the part.
similar words:
distinguish, promote
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derivation: recommendable (adj.)