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part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: s spekt
inflections: suspects, suspecting, suspected
definition 1: to have a theory or feeling that a certain thing is true without knowing what the facts are.
I suspect that she knows more than she admits.I don't know why he's not here, but I suspect that he is too embarrassed after what happened last night.The police suspected that the thief got in through the back window.The researchers suspect that a flaw in their methodology caused the unexpected results of their study.
believe, fancy, guess, imagine, suppose
similar words:
conjecture, infer, surmise, think
definition 2: to believe in the possible guilt of (someone) without knowing all the facts.
The police had suspected the neighbor all along, but there was not enough evidence to arrest him.She suspected her brother of taking the money.
definition 3: to have doubts, reservations, or suspicions about.
She offered her assistance, but I suspect her motives.
distrust, doubt, mistrust
similar words:
disbelieve, fear, question
definition 4: to believe in the possibility of (something) as the cause of some event or outcome.
The entire building burned down, and the police suspect arson.When the nurse saw the boy's bruises, she suspected child abuse.
similar words:
guess, think
part of speech: intransitive verb
pronunciation: s spekt
definition: to believe that something, especially something bad, may be true; to have suspicions.
She looked through all my drawers; I think she suspects.
similar words:
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part of speech: noun
pronunciation: suh spekt
definition: one who is suspected, esp. of a crime or other wrongdoing.
The police are now calling the husband a suspect in the case.
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part of speech: adjective
pronunciation: suh spekt
definition: open to suspicion or doubt.
His motives for convincing her to change her will are certainly suspect.
questionable, suspicious
similar words:
doubtful, dubious, precarious, problematic, shady, slippery, unreliable, untrustworthy
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derivation: suspecting (adj.)
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