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tek nih kl
Word Combinations (adjective)
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: of or relating to technique.
The skaters are marked largely on the technical aspects of their skating.
definition 2: concerned with specialized skills or techniques.
They hired someone to deal with the technical problems of building the structure.
definition 3: mechanical or industrial; technological.
He's studying electrical engineering at a technical school.
definition 4: containing terms or being a term connected with a specialized field and having a meaning or meanings unique to that field.
It's an interesting book about fossils, but the language is a bit technical for me.She does technical writing in order to support herself while she's writing her novel.The word "test" is a general term, but it's also a technical term in the field of statistics.
definition 5: considered in a strict rather than interpretive sense.
It was merely a technical error.
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derivation: technically (adv.)