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parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun
use up, make use of, put to use
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part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: yuz
inflections: uses, using, used
definition 1: to bring into service; employ, esp. habitually.
They've used a computer to store their data since the 1980s.Please use a black pen to fill out the form.
employ, utilize
similar words:
apply, avail oneself of, bestow, ply, wield, work
definition 2: to expend; consume.
He used his last dollar to buy some bread.
consume, expend, spend
similar words:
apply, bestow, burn, deplete, devour, eat, occupy
definition 3: to employ for selfish motives; exploit.
He used his friends to get what he wanted.
exploit, take advantage of
similar words:
impose upon, manipulate, play
definition 4: to partake of (drugs).
Some members of the band used heroin in addition to other drugs.
similar words:
abuse, partake of
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: used in the past tense in order to show a former habitual practice or state (fol. by "to" and a verb in the infinitive form).
I used to smoke, but I quit five years ago.Didn't you use to live in the apartment next door?She used to visit her grandmother every week, but she's been too busy lately.Gasoline used to be much cheaper than it is now.
similar words:
phrase: use up
part of speech: noun
pronunciation: yus
definition 1: the act or practice of using.
The use of wood for heating one's home has increased recently.
application, employment, usage, utilization
similar words:
definition 2: the fact or condition of being used.
The radio is always in use.
employment, operation
similar words:
service, wear
definition 3: way of using; usage.
I enjoy this writer's use of words.
handling, usage
similar words:
application, employment, style
definition 4: ability or permission to use.
She lost the use of her thumb after the accident.While we're renting the apartment, we have the use of the swimming pool.
similar words:
enjoyment, functioning, operation, run
definition 5: benefit; usefulness.
There's no use in fighting.
advantage, benefit, profit, usefulness
similar words:
account, avail, behoof, gain, good, point, service, value, worth
definition 6: purpose; function.
This machine has many uses.
function, purpose
similar words:
account, application, capacity, role
definition 7: occasion or need to use.
I no longer have any use for this typewriter.
similar words:
necessity, need, requirement
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phrase: make use of
phrase: put to use
Word Builder: use +
  • user:
    a person who uses something.
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