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yo mn
Word Combinations (noun)
part of speech: noun
inflections: yeomen
definition 1: in former times in Britain, a member of a class of commoners who owned and worked on their own land.
definition 2: a servant or attendant in a royal or noble household.
definition 3: an assistant or aide to an official or skilled craftsman.
The sheriff's yeoman can help you with that matter.
definition 4: a person who puts in diligent and loyal effort in fulfilling a task or performing a service.
Like a true yeoman, he commenced his difficult task.This project will require a yeoman's effort on all our parts.
definition 5: a member of the ceremonial guard of one hundred yeomen attending the British royal family; yeoman of the guard.
definition 6: in the U.S. Navy, a petty officer performing chiefly clerical duties.
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