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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
bug off, bug out
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: any of a large group of insects with sucking mouths and forewings thickened at the base, such as the water bug.
The stink bug is native to China and Japan.
definition 2: (informal) any insect or insect-like organism.
The screens keep most of the bugs from getting in.She let out a scream when a large bug landed on her face.
similar words:
arthropod, fly, gnat, vermin
definition 3: (informal) a virus or bacterium, esp. one that causes disease, or a disease caused by such a virus or bacterium.
He must have caught some bug when he was on vacation.She was absent for several days with an awful bug.
similar words:
bacterium, illness, infection, sickness, virus
definition 4: (informal) a flaw that prevents something from working properly.
I hope you can fix this bug in my computer program.
defect, fault, flaw
similar words:
drawback, error, imperfection
definition 5: (informal) an electronic listening device that has been secretly installed.
The security police had put several bugs in his apartment.
tap, wiretap
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: bugs, bugging, bugged
definition 1: (informal) to annoy or pester.
The sound of that dripping really bugs me.Don't bug me when I'm trying to study!It bugs me that she never answers her phone.It bugs her when people cut into the ticket line.It bugs me to have to remind her to clean up after herself.
annoy, bother, irritate
similar words:
anger, badger, disturb, eat, get one's goat, harass, irk, nag, needle, peeve, pester, plague, provoke, rasp, trouble
definition 2: (informal) to perplex, disturb, or bother.
This one problem is still bugging me; I just can't figure it out.Doesn't it bug you that you were the only one who didn't get invited?It worries me when our son acts like that, but it doesn't seem to bug my wife.
definition 3: (informal) to persistently request.
I have to bug him to take his pills; otherwise, he doesn't bother to take them.The kids have been bugging me to take them to the pool all morning.
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phrase: bug off
phrase: bug out
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