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co·or·di·nate (co-or·di·nate)

coordinate (co-ordinate)

parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb, adjective, noun
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part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: ko or d neIt
inflections: co-ordinated, co-ordinates, co-ordinating, coordinated, coordinates, coordinating
definition 1: to order or organize according to a common goal.
We should coordinate our efforts in planning the meeting.The allies coordinated their military operations.
adapt, adjust, combine, match, unite
similar words:
change, fit, square, suit
definition 2: to arrange in a harmonious relationship.
A decorator will be hired to coordinate the furnishings for the new office.
arrange, balance, harmonize, order, organize
similar words:
match, mesh, reorganize, sort, square, square away, systematize
definition 3: to arrange in the same rank or position.
arrange, categorize, class, classify, grade, group, rank
similar words:
file, index, peg, pigeonhole, sort, tabulate
part of speech: intransitive verb
pronunciation: ko or d neIt
definition 1: to become coordinated.
adapt, adjust, correspond, match, organize
similar words:
balance, reorganize
definition 2: to act harmoniously together.
agree, collaborate, concur, cooperate, harmonize
similar words:
combine, jibe, mesh, tally
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part of speech: adjective
pronunciation: ko or d neIt [or] ko or d niht
definition 1: of the same order, rank, or degree.
The coordinate teams played against each other.
coequal, correspondent, equal, equivalent, tantamount
similar words:
analogous, complementary, correlative, matching, parallel, synonymous
definition 2: arranged or able to be arranged harmoniously.
coordinate sofas and chairs
similar words:
complementary, matching
definition 3: in mathematics, of or using coordinates as reference points.
coordinate systems
part of speech: noun
pronunciation: ko or d niht
definition 1: a person or thing having equal rank or importance.
The sentence "I know this, and you know it too" is made up of two clauses that are coordinates.
coequal, compeer, counterpart, equal, equivalent, peer
similar words:
alter ego, correlative, correspondent, double, match, turn
definition 2: in mathematics, a magnitude that defines position with reference to a fixed point or system of lines, or an element of a set of numbers representing such magnitudes.
They were able to locate the airplane based on the coordinates that the pilot had given before it went down.The coordinates of that point are written (1,5).
similar words:
definition 3: (usu. pl.) pieces of clothing designed to be worn together as part of a suit or ensemble.
This sweater and these slacks are coordinates.
similar words:
outfit, suit
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derivations: coordinative (adj.), coordinately (adv.), coordinator (n.)
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