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ael k hawl [or] ael k hal
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: one of a class of colorless, flammable, and volatile liquids that in pure form is contained in beverages such as beer, wine, and whiskey, and causes intoxication when drunk to excess; ethanol.
Whiskey contains more alcohol per volume than wine or beer.Alcohol combined with medicines can cause dangerous effects.
definition 2: beverages that contain alcohol.
This restaurant does not serve alcohol.
similar words:
liquor, spirit
definition 3: any of a class of volatile organic compounds derived from hydrocarbons in which one or more hydroxyl groups replace one or more hydrogen atoms of the parent hydrocarbon.
Methanol is an alcohol derived from methane.
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  • alcoholic1:
    containing alcohol.
  • alcoholic2:
    a person who drinks too much alcohol; a person with alcoholism.
  • alcoholism:
    a disease caused by the habit of drinking too much alcohol.
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