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@ baesh

transitive verb
to cause to feel embarrassed, uneasy, or ashamed.
He was abashed by his drunken behavior of the night before.
One disapproving glance from her father was enough to abash her.



f@  naens  [or]  faI naens
transitive verb
1.  to provide the monetary resources for.
Tax money financed the new highway.

2.  to provide monetary credit to.
Do you think the bank will finance you in this project?

faI naens
1.  the management of money or other assets, esp. those in the public treasury.
The treasury is that part of a government that is concerned primarily with finance.
Women were not expected to know anything of finance in those days.

2.  (pl.) the monetary resources of a person or institution such as a bank or government.
The war effort devastated the country’s finances.
I’ll have to check my finances before I can make a decision to purchase.



@ taek

transitive verb
1.  to begin to inflict harm upon.
The cat attacked the mouse.
A young man was attacked by thugs in the park last night.
The warriors attacked the fortress before dawn.

2.  to use speech or writing to criticize or injure.
Members of the audience attacked the mayor’s budget proposal.
The critic attacked the novelist’s portrayal of women.

3.  to set upon with force or vigor.
If we attack this problem with all our brainpower, I’m sure we can solve it.



taeng g@l

transitive verb
1.  to mix, knot, or entwine (one or more things), making separation or straightening difficult.
He somehow tangled all the computer cords.
The cat tangled the yarn completely.

2.  to involve in a complicated, confused, awkward, or unmanageable situation or undertaking; entangle.
I don’t want to tangle myself in these matters that have nothing to do with me.

intransitive verb
1.   to become knotted or entwined in a disorderly mass.
I tied my hair back for the boat trip so it wouldn’t tangle in the wind.

2.  (informal) to quarrel or fight; engage in conflict.
The two guys were tangling over a woman in the bar.
He’s big and scary, and I wouldn’t want to tangle with him.


scour 2


transitive verb
1.  to travel over, esp. while looking for something.
Police scoured the area for the missing girl.

2.  to examine thoroughly.
The historian scoured old newspapers for first-hand accounts.

intransitive verb
to travel around an area, esp. while looking for something.
We went to the beach and scoured for seashells all morning.