Wordsmyth Dictionary’s entry display menu contains enhanced browsing and word learning features. These integrated features let users choose what information to include in their dictionary entries. The entry display menu also manages your lookup history and enables support features. All of these tools are located at the top of each dictionary entry.

Switching between Dictionary Levels

Wordsmyth offers three levels of dictionaries for language learners: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Here, you can switch between our dictionaries in the top-left corner of an entry. In order to switch between Wordsmyth dictionaries:

  1. Click on the drop-down menu next to the name of the dictionary you are currently using.
  2. If you are in the Intermediate level, click either “Advanced Dictionary” or “Beginner Dictionary” from the menu to change the dictionary level.

More Results

“More Results” expands the ways you can view the headword in the dictionary. This section contains links to multi-word results and other headword entries that contain the word you looked up, as well as alphabetical browsing, and entries using your specific headword in their definitions.

Show multi-word results

Wordsmyth Dictionaries contain multi-word entries that can be searched using any word in the expression. These entries can also be viewed through their component words. To view multi-word results for a specific headword:

  1. On the entry page for “table,” for example, go to the More Results link and click “Show multi-word results”
  2. You can now view a list of multi-word headwords that contain “table” as a component

Browse in word list: 

“Browse in word list” shows where a specific headword is located alphabetically within the dictionary. You can look up words alphabetically before and after an entry. To browse alphabetical entries near a specific headword:

  1. On the entry page, go to the More Results link and click “Browse in word list”
  2. You can now view the alphabetical entries surrounding the headword “table”

See entries that contain

“See entries that contain” generates a list of every Wordsmyth Dictionary entry that uses a certain word in other definitions. To browse entries that contain the word “table”:

  1. Go to the More Results tab
  2. Next, click “See entries that contain ‘table’”
  3. You can now browse other dictionary entries that use the word “table” in their definitions

Need some help? Check out this tutorial video!

All entry display features are designed to improve vocabulary skills and foster a genuine appreciation for language learning. The best part? They’re available for free with a registered account.  Sign up today to make the most of your word study experience.

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