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About These Words: WOTY Candidates, Part 2

Posted in Word of the Year 2018, Wordsmyth Blog, WOTY 2018 by Olivia Smialek

Last week, we took a look at some of our Top 10 candidates for Wordsmyth’s Word of the Year 2018. Users submitted their favorite words and why they wanted it to be the Word of the Year.


“Without love all living things die so none of the other words in the Wordsmyth Dictionary would matter.”

“This word can mean wonders in the happiest and saddest thoughts for people all around. People can think of love by thinking of brotherly or sisterly love, family love, friendly love, and couple love. There are many different kinds of love, including complicated love, sweet love, not-so-sweet love, cute love, spicy love, and fiery love. Love interests me because it is all around me and you, yet not everyone sees it. I think it should be nominated because everyone feels love at one point or another in their life, whether they realize it or not. Love can be very eye-opening, so people all over the world hold it close and treasure it dearly.”

We received two very different but great submissions for love. So we decided to share both of them! Learn more about love’s many meanings.


“Tesla has become more and more of a thing during the past year. On each one of Tesla’s cars, there is a “ludicrous mode”. This word symbolizes what will become of Tesla.”

Ludicrous means something is laughable or ridiculous. This user likely referenced the Ludicrous Mode implemented in Tesla’s new cars. However, lots of 2018’s trends could be considered ludicrous!


“This is a Dictionary for if you don’t know how to read a word so it goes well with the theme.”

Wordsmyth values the word read. We’re glad our users use our resources to improve their reading and language skills. Our dictionary has 16 different definitions of read-check them out!


“Because I cherish its sound and its multiplicity in terms of meaning.”

Sanctuary has several different meanings; however, all of them have a common thread of refuge and safety.


“I chose this word because it is a word that sounds as its meaning. It carries its meaning in its pronunciation.”

Susurrous means a soft whispering or rustling sound. That’s a creative suggestion and a solid explanation!

What does love mean to you? Do you use a dictionary when you read? Do you think these suggestions are ludicrous? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. To reach Wordsmyth directly, send us some feedback–we’d love to hear what you think!

Until then, Happy Wordsmything, and Happy Holidays!