Before you vote for the first-ever Wordsmyth Word of the Year, take a look a the candidates. Our users recommended these words and provided brief reasons for their selections.


“This word can be used almost everyday, but in recent years society has dumbed down many rich words. I would like to see apothecary used over druggist any day.”

An apothecary prepares and sells drugs or medicines. Historically, apothecaries both provided materials to doctors and surgeons and offered basic medical services to patients. As such, apothecaries had very important roles in their communities. So, maybe it’s time to bring apothecary back into our daily vocabulary!


Why It Was Nominated

“This country fits most or all the qualifications of a dystopia. It’s shocking to think we’re actually living in something portrayed so darkly and extensively in popular media.”

dystopia is an imagined state or society in which injustice, oppression, and terror are the norm. A totalitarian form of government that controls all aspects of life causes this terror. This user thought their country took a dystopian turn this year.


“Considering the states of national and world politics, need I say more?”

Equanimity refers to the state of remaining calm or peaceful under duress. During such frequent political and cultural shifts, it’s difficult to stay calm sometimes.


“I’ve taught this word to my students when studying Macbeth and it’s led to some very interesting conversations about equivocation in modern day life (particularly in politics). It’s a relevant and important abstract notion to understand.”

We love hearing from the teachers who use Wordsmyth in their classrooms! Equivocation deals with ambiguity and indecisiveness. We’re glad these students discuss it confidently in class.


“Our social discourse has become so heated and polarizing. It seems that no one is polite and tolerant anymore. Manners are out; fraught talk is in.”

Society has dealt with difficult subjects bluntly in the past year. Hopefully, our social discourse will be less fraught with conflict in 2019.

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