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aeb s@ns

definition 1:  the state or condition of being away or not present.
example:  You will have a substitute teacher during my absence.
definition 2:  the state of not having; lack.
example:  There was an absence of luxury in those lean times. See full entry

Collocations:    Words often used in combination with the noun absence (definition 2)

absence + of + NOUN:    ~ evidence  (e.g., Many believed his claim, but there was an absence of evidence to support it),  ~ proof,  ~ alternatives, ~ reference  (e.g., There is a surprising absence of reference to the author’s earlier works in this article),  ~ agreement  (e.g., Due to the absence of agreement on the issue, no conclusions were reached),  ~ consensus,  ~  symptoms  (e.g., The absence of symptoms does not prove an absence of infection),  ~ coercion, ~ consent, ~ predators  (e.g., A near absence of predators in the region has caused an alarming increase in the snake population)

ADJECTIVE + absence:    total ~ , complete ~ , notable ~ , marked ~ , puzzling ~ , surprising ~ , conspicuous ~ , disappointing ~ , appalling ~ (e.g., an appalling absence of sanitary facilities),  striking ~  (e.g., a striking absence of female staff members)

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