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ae grə giht

a sum, combination, or composite of separable elements.
example: The aggregate of her experiences lent her wisdom.
example: Concrete is an aggregate composed of mineral elements mixed with cement.

ae grə giht

1. added up, combined, or considered as a whole.
example: Since February, aggregate wages have fallen.


an aggregate fruit (Wikimedia Commons)

2. formed in a dense cluster or mass.
example: Aggregate fruits are formed by the merging of multiple ovaries belonging to a single flower.

transitive verb
ae grə geIt

1. to collect in one mass or sum.
example: The museum aggregated numerous works of the artist that had previously been in the hands of private collectors.
example: If we aggregate our funds, we’ll have enough capital to start the business.
example: This website aggregates news from many different online newspapers.

2. to add up to.
example: Her debts aggregated thousands of dollars.

intransitive verb
ae grə geIt

to combine or unite into a mass or whole.

Word Parts

This word contains the following parts:
ag- : Latin prefix meaning to, toward

greg : Latin root meaning flock, gathering
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