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pronunciation:    ə plaI
part of speech:    transitive verb

definition 1:         to make use of or put to use.
example:               I had to apply every bit of my knowledge of computers to solve the problem.

definition 2:        to put into effect or action.
example:               If you apply the principles that I describe in my book, your business is sure to be successful.
example:               You can’t really play the game without applying the rules. 

part of speech:    intransitive verb

definition 1:         to be related or relevant
example:              The rules apply to all students without exception.
example:              This article in the newspaper applies to the discussion we had this morning.

definition 2:        to make an application for admission, employment, or permission.
example:              I applied for a job at the hospital.
example:              Our son applied for admission to four colleges.
example:              For that type of permit, you have to apply at the town hall.

Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the intransitive verb apply (definition 2)

apply + PREPOSITION:    ~ for (e.g., apply for a job, apply for admission, apply for a visa, apply for a permit), ~ to (e.g., apply to a college, apply to a university for admission) ~ at (e.g., apply for a job at a factory, apply for a position at a university)