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    lae b@ rIn thihn  [or]  lae b@ rIn thin

    1.  of, resembling, or forming a labyrinth.
    We followed our guide through the labyrinthine catacombs.

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    laend lakt

    lacking access to the sea.
    Paraguay and Bolivia are the only landlocked countries in South America; all the other countries border the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans, or both in the case of Colombia.

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@ sIst

transitive verb
definition 1:  to give support or aid to.
example:  You may need a lawyer to assist you with the legal forms.
example:  The resource librarian can assist you in your search.

definition 2:  to act as a helper or subordinate to.
example:  A fellow surgeon at the hospital will be assisting him in the operation.

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Collocations:    Words often used in combination with the transitive verb assist (definition 1)


  • ~ in  (e.g., assist her in her research, assisted him in his efforts to win election, assist them in the implementation of the new equipment, assist the doctor in reaching a diagnosis, assist them in the development of the new product, assist them in the rescue of the crew)
  • ~ with (e.g., assist him with the luggage, assist them with the organizing of the office, assist them with the preparation for the event, assist her with the fundraising, assist her with the planning)