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@ veI l@ b@l

definition 1:  able to be had for use or purchase; at hand.
example:  Are there any apartments available in this building?
example:  That style of shoe is no longer available.

definition 2:  qualified and willing to serve, take part in something, or take on a responsibility.
example:  I wanted to buy a washing machine, but no store clerk was available to help me.
example:  The senator’s aide said that he was not available for comment.
example:  I’ll be out of town next week, so I won’t be available for any meetings.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the adjective available (definition 1)

available + NOUN:    ~ information, ~ evidence, ~ resources, ~ services, ~ options, ~ tools,  ~ products, ~ items, ~ facilities, ~ opportunities, ~ forms, ~ materials, ~ data, ~ funds, ~ funding,  ~ details, ~ figures,  ~ reports, ~ statistics,  ~ copies, ~ versions, ~  alternatives, ~ technologies, ~ treatments, ~ space, ~ software, ~ tickets, ~ parking, ~ packages,  ~ accommodation, ~ rooms, ~ sizes, ~ hardware, ~ discounts, ~ slots


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