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    bal mi

    1.  gentle, mild, and soothing.
    They prefer the balmy climate of the South Sea Islands.

    2.  fragrant, like a balm.
    The tropical air was balmy with the scent of gardenias.

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  • Vocabulary of the Day

    deIn ti

    1.  small and delicate.
    In her hand she held one dainty blossom.
    We drank small amounts of tea in my grandmother’s dainty cups.
    Taking dainty steps, she entered the room without a sound.

    2.  having delicate and refined manners or taste, esp. with respect to cleanliness or food.
    She is always so dainty in the way she eats;  I just shovel food into my mouth and spill things on my shirt.

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k@n klu zh@n

definition 1:  an ending or termination.
example:  Students are under a great deal of pressure near the conclusion of the semester.

definition 2:  a result or outcome.
example:  The disappointing conclusion of the negotiations angered many of the workers.

definition 3:  the final part of a written work or speech.
example:  She summarized her points nicely in the conclusion of her paper.

definition 4:  an inference reached by reasoning.
example:  If a planet can sustain plant life, what conclusions can you draw about its atmosphere?
example:  After a complete examination of the body, the doctor reached the conclusion that death was accidental.
example:  Judging by his clothing, she thought the man to be a beggar, but she tried not to jump to any conclusions.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the noun conclusion (definition 4)

VERB + (to) + conclusion:    draw ~ , reach ~ , make ~ ,  support ~ , come to ~ ,  jump to ~ , lead to ~