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k@n klu zh@n

definition 1:  an ending or termination.
example:  Students are under a great deal of pressure near the conclusion of the semester.

definition 2:  a result or outcome.
example:  The disappointing conclusion of the negotiations angered many of the workers.

definition 3:  the final part of a written work or speech.
example:  She summarized her points nicely in the conclusion of her paper.

definition 4:  an inference reached by reasoning.
example:  If a planet can sustain plant life, what conclusions can you draw about its atmosphere?
example:  After a complete examination of the body, the doctor reached the conclusion that death was accidental.
example:  Judging by his clothing, she thought the man to be a beggar, but she tried not to jump to any conclusions.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the noun conclusion (definition 4)

VERB + (to) + conclusion:    draw ~ , reach ~ , make ~ ,  support ~ , come to ~ ,  jump to ~ , lead to ~


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