dih beIt

definition 1:  a discussion of two opposing viewpoints, usu. in a formal meeting or assembly.
example:  The debate in Congress over the issue of voting machines continues.

definition 2:  a formal, structured, and usu. public contest in which two speakers, or two teams of speakers, argue opposing viewpoints on a specific proposition.
example:  Tonight’s debate will be on the topic of the future use of coal as an energy source.
example:  Their team argued brilliantly, and they won the debate easily.

intransitive verb
definition:  to discuss or argue different points of a matter.
example:  There is no use debating with them; they’ve already made up their minds.

transitive verb
definition 1:  to discuss or argue (an issue or issues)
example:  The town council will be debating the issue of whether or not to build another parking garage downtown.

definition 2:  to ponder or consider; think over.
example:  I am debating whether to go or just stay home.

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