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    lae b@ rIn thihn  [or]  lae b@ rIn thin

    1.  of, resembling, or forming a labyrinth.
    We followed our guide through the labyrinthine catacombs.

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    laend lakt

    lacking access to the sea.
    Paraguay and Bolivia are the only landlocked countries in South America; all the other countries border the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans, or both in the case of Colombia.

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dih stuhrb

transitive verb
definition 1:  to bother or interrupt by making noise or causing distraction.
example:  The hotel manager worried that the construction noise would disturb the guests.
example:  Terrible dreams disturbed his sleep.

definition 2:  to upset or cause to be in disorder.
example:  The wind disturbed the calm surface of the pond.
example:  Someone has been in my office and disturbed my papers.

definition 3:  to make nervous or uneasy; trouble.
example:  Witnessing the accident disturbed the child greatly.
example:  It disturbs people when they hear of such grisly incidents.
example:  The message in the letter obviously disturbed her because she rushed out of the room after reading it.

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