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ih fI sh@nt

definition:  operating or performing in an effective and competent manner, with little wasted effort.
example:  The restaurant established an efficient way to train new employees.
example:  Google made searching the Internet much more efficient.
example:  Because he was an efficient worker, he had time left over to develop some of his own ideas.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the adjective efficient

efficient ~ NOUN:    ~ way (e.g., an efficient way to operate), ~ use (a more efficient use of energy), ~ means, ~ method, ~ manner, ~ operation, ~ service, ~ running (e.g., efficient running of the business), ~ functioning, ~ production, ~ management, ~ administration, ~ allocation, ~ processing, ~ working, ~ delivery, ~ handling, ~ shipping, ~ appliance, ~ heating, ~ lighting, ~ light bulb, ~ engine


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