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    lae b@ rIn thihn  [or]  lae b@ rIn thin

    1.  of, resembling, or forming a labyrinth.
    We followed our guide through the labyrinthine catacombs.

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  • Vocabulary of the Day

    laend lakt

    lacking access to the sea.
    Paraguay and Bolivia are the only landlocked countries in South America; all the other countries border the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans, or both in the case of Colombia.

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 ih lae b@r eIt

transitive verb
definition 1: to create or develop by effort; work out.
example: Together they elaborated a clever scheme.

definition 2: to add details to something; explain more fully (often followed by “on” or “upon”).
example: You make a good point, but you need to elaborate on it to make your argument truly convincing.

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Collocations: Words that frequently occur in combination with the intransitive verb “elaborate” (definition 2)

elaborate  +  NOUN:      ~ theory, ~ theme, ~ concept, ~point, ~ idea
elaborate + ADVERB (degree modifier):   ~ fully (e.g., She hoped to have more time to elaborate fully on the proposed plan.)
elaborate + PREPOSITION:    ~ on, ~ upon (Could you elaborate on your argument so that we have a clearer understanding?)