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    shaI st@r

    a person, usu. a lawyer, who uses underhanded, unethical methods.
    That shyster accepted her fee for his services but did almost nothing for her.

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    neI seI @r

    a person who refuses, denies, or opposes, esp. because of cynicism or pessimism.
    They went ahead with their ambitious plan despite the arguments of the naysayers.

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ihg zurht

transitive verb
definition 1:  to exercise or bring to bear (power, influence, or the like); put into action.
example:  He exerted his influence with the head of the company to get his son a job.

definition 2:  to force (oneself) into vigorous or strenuous effort.
example:  The doctor told him not to exert himself until he had fully recovered.
example:  I know I could succeed if I exerted myself.

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Collocations:    Words often used in combination with the transitive verb exert (definition 1)

exert + NOUN:    ~ pressure, ~ influence, ~ effort, ~ force, ~ power, ~ control (e.g., The government is trying to exert control over the radical groups.)