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ihk spir i ihns

definition 1:  a particular situation or event that one has encountered or lived through.
example:  Working in that factory was tough for those months, but it was a good experience for me.
example:  She never forgot the experience of being on stage for the first time.


definition 2:  the sum total of such situations and events in one’s life.
example:  I know from my experience that to do this would be a mistake.
example:  Luxury had never been part of my grandparents’ experience.
example:  In my experience, these problems usually have simple solutions.

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Collocations: Words often used in combination with the noun experience (definition 1)

ADJECTIVE + experience:    enjoyable ~frightening ~ , dreadful ~ , frustrating ~ ,  positive ~ , rewarding ~ ,
unique ~ , educational ~ , valuable ~, horrifying ~ , shocking ~


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