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    bal mi

    1.  gentle, mild, and soothing.
    They prefer the balmy climate of the South Sea Islands.

    2.  fragrant, like a balm.
    The tropical air was balmy with the scent of gardenias.

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  • Vocabulary of the Day

    deIn ti

    1.  small and delicate.
    In her hand she held one dainty blossom.
    We drank small amounts of tea in my grandmother’s dainty cups.
    Taking dainty steps, she entered the room without a sound.

    2.  having delicate and refined manners or taste, esp. with respect to cleanliness or food.
    She is always so dainty in the way she eats;  I just shovel food into my mouth and spill things on my shirt.

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freefloating or free-floating

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fri flo tIng
definition 1: lacking a connection, commitment, or focus, esp. with regard to a doctrine, party, or cause; independent.
example: The candidates are unnerved by the numbers of free-floating voters.

definition 2: of certain emotions, having no clear cause.
example: The medicine relieved my free-floating anxiety enough for me to function again at work.
example: He suffers from free-floating anger and may become hostile even in neutral situations.

definition 3: moving freely; not bound.
example: Now women adorned themselves in freefloating designs that seemed intent on allowing fabric to explore its inner nature.