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transitive verb
1. to damage or make sore by rubbing or chafing.
quotation: We walked next day over a more level country but it was strewed with large stones. These galled our feet a good deal.

2. to irritate or make resentful.
example: Their air of superiority galls me.

intransitive verb
to become sore or chafed.

1. a skin sore caused by rubbing, as on an improperly saddled horse.
example: The horse developed a gall behind its elbow because the new tack was stiff.

2. the cause or state of irritation.
quotation: Patrasche [a dog] came of a race which had toiled hard and cruelly from sire to son in Flanders many a century–slaves of slaves, dogs of the people, beasts of the shafts and the harness, creatures that lived straining their sinews in the gall of the cart, and died breaking their hearts on the flints of the streets.

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