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definition 1:  to cause to be brought into being.
example:  The human body generates heat.
example:  The farm uses a windmill to generate its own electricity.
example:  The news generated a great deal of excitement.
example:  Establishment of the factory will generate more jobs in the area.
example:  The lottery generates significant revenue for the state.

definition 2:  to beget (offspring).
example:  Laboratory mice exposed to the chemicals were no longer capable of generating offspring.

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Collocations:    Words often used in combination with the transitive verb generate

generate + VERB:    ~ electricity, ~ energy, ~ heat, ~ power, ~ waves, ~ noise, ~ waste, ~ income, ~ wealth, ~ profit, ~ revenue, ~ sales, ~ cash, ~ surplus, ~ output, ~ growth,  ~ jobs, ~ interest, ~ ideas, ~ enthusiasm, ~ excitement, ~ conflict, ~ controversy, ~ publicity, ~ traffic, ~ files, ~ data, ~ errors





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