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Category: Grammar



s@g jest

transitive verb
definition 1:  to put forth for consideration; propose.
example:  The guidance counselor suggested several options.
example:  He suggested that they go to lunch now and resume the meeting later.
example:  I suggested that he limit the letter to one typed page.
example:  She suggested getting outside help on the project, but nobody listened.
example:  Has anyone suggested scrapping the idea and starting all over again?

definition 2:  to propose as suitable for some purpose.
example:  I suggested light blue for the curtains.
example:  Can you suggest a good dentist in the area?

definition 3:  to state as a possibility or bring to mind indirectly; imply.
example:  By that remark, are you suggesting that I’m stingy?
example:  This passage in the story suggests a deeper meaning.
example:  The results of the study suggest that this gene is the trigger.




ihn geIj

intransitive verb
definition:  to participate; involve oneself.
example:  The guests engaged in small talk before dinner.
example:  How long have you engaged in this kind of volunteer activity?
example:  Many individuals engaged in the effort to help the victims of the hurricane.





transitive verb
definition 1:  to have a requirement for.
example:  They need more money to support their families.
example:  All animals need water to live.
example:  The house needs painting and the windows need washing.

definition 2:  to have or feel the necessity or obligation (to do something).
example:  You need to sign the form on the front and back.
example:  I need to leave now, or I’ll miss the bus.
example:  I’m tired; I need to take a break.