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transitive verb
definition 1:
 to present or bestow, esp. what is requested or desired.
example:  The prince granted very few interviews with reporters.
example:  She asked her father to grant her just this one wish.
example:  The company granted the workers’ request.

definition 2:  to admit or accept.
example:  All right, I grant your point.
example:  If we grant that what he says is true, then we will be forced to make changes.

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Collocations:    Words often used in combination with the transitive verb grant (definition 1)

grant + NOUN:    ~ permission,  ~ wish, ~ request,  ~ release (e.g.,  The leader granted the prisoner’s release), ~ consent (e.g., The parents granted their consent to the marriage), ~ approval, ~ patent, ~ charter, ~ status, ~ title, ~ leave (e.g., His commanding officer granted him a week’s leave)


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