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ihm por t@nt

definition 1:  having relatively great significance.
example:  Voting rights is an important issue.
example:  It’s important to change your car’s oil at regular intervals.

definition 2:  having consequence; consequential.
example:  Which college to attend is an important decision.

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Collocation:  Words often used in combination with the adjective “important”

important + PREPOSITION:

  • ~ for (e.g., important for one’s health, important for one’s future, important for children)
  • ~ in (e.g., important in politics, important in decision-making, important in various ways, important in the region, important in various respects, important in the film-making world, important in finding a cure)
  • ~ as (e.g., important as a factor, important as a reason, important as a possible cause, important as a means, important as a goal, important as an individual, important as a component)


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