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In pUt

definition 1:  that which is put in, such as power or energy to a machine, or information or data to a computer.
example:  The input is stored on the hard disk.

definition 2:  information to be used in an endeavor or project.
example:  Newspapers and magazines can serve as good sources of input for language learning.

definition 3:  opinion, advice, or help.
example:  I’d like your input on the new painting I’m working on.
example:  The city sought input from the community in designing the project.
example:  Input from her professor helped her revise her paper for publication.

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Collocations:    Words often used in combination with the noun input (definition 3)

VERB + input:    seek ~ , welcome ~ , value ~ , appreciate ~ , solicit ~ , provide ~ , require ~ , accept ~