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In str@ m@nt

definition 1:  a device or tool used for highly specialized work, especially within the areas of science or medicine.
example:  A stethoscope is one of a doctor’s most essential instruments.

definition 2:  a device for recording or measuring.
example:  The pilot suspected that his altitude indicator and some of his other instruments were not working properly.

definition 3:  any means for accomplishing or bringing about something.
example:  She joined the Peace Corps hoping to be an instrument of good works.
example:  His father used his belt as an instrument of punishment.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the noun instrument (definition 3)

instrument + of+ NOUN:    ~ oppression, ~ repression (e.g., news censorship and other instruments of repression), ~ destruction, ~ punishment, ~ coercion, ~ domination, ~ tyranny, ~ liberation, ~ diplomacy, ~ persuasion, ~ terror, ~ deception, ~ good works, ~ righteousness


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