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ma dih faI

transitive verb
definition 1:  to alter somewhat; make changes in.
example:  To save money, they had to modify their plans for the house.
example:  We objected to some of the things in the contract, so they agreed to modify it.
example:  He modified his appearance when he went to meet his girlfriend’s parents.

definition 2:  to reduce the extremity, quantity, or strength of; moderate.
example:  The workers modified their demands when they realized that they were getting nowhere with management.
example:  Her father took pity on her eventually and modified her punishment.

definition 3:  in grammar, to describe or limit or particularize the meaning of; qualify.
example:  “Extremely” modifies “hot” in the phrase “extremely hot.”
example:  “Heavy” modifies “traffic” in the phrase “heavy traffic.”

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