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neI ch@r


definition 1:   the essential character or quality of a person or thing.
example:  Need for control is an aspect of human nature.
example:  It’s not in her nature to forgive easily.
example:  I was not aware of the illicit nature of their dealings.

definition 2:   the physical world and living things as they exist apart from the activity or intervention of human beings.
example:  Animals, plants, and mountains are part of nature.
example:  We need to preserve the wonders of nature.

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Collocations:  Words frequently used in combination with the noun “nature” (definition 1)

ADJECTIVE + nature:     human ~ ,  true  ~ , very ~ (e.g., By their very nature, humans are egocentric),  complex  ~ (e.g., the complex nature of higher mathematics),  serious  ~ ,  technical  ~ ,  competitive  ~ (e.g., It was not in his competitive nature to give up without a fight),  fundamental ~ ,  sexual ~ , changing ~ , divine ~ ,  violent ~ (e.g., the violent nature of the films the children are exposed to), aggressive ~ (e.g., the aggressive nature of the boys’ interaction with each other),  dual ~ ,  multidimensional ~ , interdisciplinary ~

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