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transitive verb

definition 1:  to perceive; see.
example:  She observed that he was wearing his best suit.

definition 2:  to watch closely or make a systematic observation of.
example:  She likes to sit by the window and observe the people walking by.
example:  The students observed the entire operation performed by the heart surgeon.
example:  The scientists are observing the animal’s behavior in its own habitat.

definition 3:  to remark casually
example:  “You look cheerful today,” he observed.

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Note on use

The first definition of “observe” is “to perceive; see,” but observing is more than simple seeing.  When you observe something, you see it and make a mental note of it, and what you observe tends to be something that others in the same situation might not notice at all.  Usually, a thing that is observed is of a certain significance or interest to the particular observer.  Also, notice that the word “observe” in this meaning can be followed by a clause beginning with “that.”

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