Wordsmyth Word of the Year 2019

Starting on November 1, 2019, Wordsmyth invites you to submit your nomination for the 2019 Word of the Year. It could be your “favorite word” or a “great word” that has been significant in some way in the past year. It could be…


Wordsmyth Educational Group subscription guide–for Teacher or School subscriptions

1. Go to subscription page Under the “Educational Group Subscription” column, Click “Subscribe Now.” 2. Create your school URL Fill out the school information form and click “Generate School URL.” A School URL will be created automatically, using your school name. Click “save”…


Using a “Subscription Key” for your Wordsmyth Group Subscription (Teacher or School Subscription)

If you have a Subscription Key to use in activating your group subscription, you will need to create a school URL and activate your subscription. Here are the instructions for using your Subscription Key. 1. Go to subscription page Under the “Educational Group…


How to add a word that is not in Wordsmyth to your activities

When you create a wordlist in the Wordlist Maker, you can add more words to the list, even when the word is not in the Wordsmyth dictionaries. And you can use those words in activities. Click “Customize” and add the word in the…


Two affordable pricing options added to Wordsmyth’s Educational Group Subscription

Wordsmyth ended its “Free for Schools” program on September 1st, 2019. However, we understand that many schools who’ve been enjoying our “Free for Schools” program are now having difficulty finding funding to cover the school subscription fee. Subscription for teachers at a lower…