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    shaI st@r

    a person, usu. a lawyer, who uses underhanded, unethical methods.
    That shyster accepted her fee for his services but did almost nothing for her.

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    neI seI @r

    a person who refuses, denies, or opposes, esp. because of cynicism or pessimism.
    They went ahead with their ambitious plan despite the arguments of the naysayers.

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Posted in Academic Vocabulary of the Day by admin2

par tI s@ peIt

intransitive verb
definition:  to take part; share (usually followed by “in”).
example:  How many students participate in after-school sports?
example:  Many local businesses are participating in the fundraising event.
example:  Why didn’t you participate in the discussion?
example:  The event went on as planned although few invitees participated.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the intransitive verb participate

participate + PREPOSITION:

  • ~  in  (e.g., participate in sports, participate in local government, participate in student activities, participate in community events)

participate + in + NOUN:  ~ program (e.g., 1200 people participated in the weight-loss program), ~ activity,  ~ sports, ~ event, ~ competition, ~ venture, ~ process, ~ project, ~ discussion, ~ debate, ~ survey, ~ demonstration, ~ exercise, ~ trial, ~ workshop, ~ forum, ~ negotiation, ~ conference, ~ seminar,  ~ tournament, ~ election