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par ti

definition 1:  a social gathering or event created for the purpose of celebration or pleasure and at which there is conversation, refreshment, and, usually, music or some other form of entertainment.
example:  Many people attend parties on New Year’s Eve.
example:  She is planning a large party for her parents’ wedding anniversary.

definition 2:  a group assembled for a particular purpose.
example:  After several hours, the search party found the missing child.
example:  There were six of us in the hiking party.

definition 3:  a group or organization formed on the basis of common political beliefs or opinions.
example:  Anti-slavery activists made up many of the members of the original Republican Party in the 1850s.
example:  Realizing that his ideas and beliefs had changed, he decided to switch political parties.

definition 4:  A participant.
example:  The police suspected that his wife was also a party to the crime.

definition 5:  a specific person; individual.
example:  Are you the party that owns this vehicle?

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