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p@r form

transitive verb
definition 1:  to carry out; do; fulfill.
example:  The new employee performed all the assigned tasks.
example:  Which surgeon performed the operation?
example:  The experiment was performed a second time and produced the same results.

definition 2:  to enact or present for the entertainment of an audience.
example:  He performed the role of Othello on the London stage.
example:  The orchestra performed that difficult new piece very well.

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Collocations:  words often used in combination with the transitive verb perform

perform + NOUN:    ~  task,  ~  function,  ~ role,  ~ duty,  ~ operation,  ~ experiment,  ~ surgery,  ~ ceremony,  ~ miracle,  ~ trick,  ~ action,  ~ play,  ~ concert,  ~ test,  ~ analysis,  ~ (computer)  search,  ~ feat,  ~ ritual,  ~ check (e.g., Operators are required to perform monthly checks on their equipment),  ~ calculation



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