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praek tihs

transitive verb
definition 1:  to do or observe habitually or customarily.
example:  All of her family members practice yoga.

definition 2:  to repeatedly do or perform (something) to become skillful.
example:  The band practiced the song until they could play it well.
example:  If you practice your serve, your tennis game will improve.
example:  You should practice parking the car a few more times before you take the driver’s test.
example:  Another actor helped him practice saying his lines for the play.

definition 3:  to pursue (an occupation or activity)
example:  She practices law and her sister practices medicine.

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Collocations:  Words frequently used in combination with the verb “practice” (definition 1)

practice + NOUN:   ~ religion (.e.g, They sought the freedom to practice their religion),  ~ yoga,  ~ meditation, ~ astrology,   ~ witchcraft,  ~ polygamy


Grammar note (definition 2):

Words that follow “practice” are always nouns, so when another verb follows “practice,” that verb needs to be in its noun form; that is, its -ing form.  For example, we say “They practiced throwing and catching the ball” not “They practiced to throw and catch the ball.”


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