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definition 1 :  a quantity calculated with regard to another measured quantity.
example:  They lost weight at an average rate of half a pound a week.

definition 2:  the speed or pace at which something is accomplished.
example:  You must work at a faster rate to get the job done on time.

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Collocations:  words often used in combination with the noun “rate”

PREPOSITION + rate:    at ~  (e.g., moving at a faster rate, accidents occurring at a rate of one per week)

VERB + rate:    increase ~ , reduce ~ , achieve ~  (e.g., achieve a higher rate of production), improve ~ ,   fix ~ (e.g., fix the rate at a level of one hundred per day),  measure ~ , compare ~ , decrease ~ , slow ~ , accelerate ~, double ~

rate + VERB:  ~ increase (e.g., the rate increases yearly),  ~ vary, ~ remain, ~ fall,  ~ rise,  ~ drop, ~ decline, ~ soar


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