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rae sh@ n@l

definition 1:  sensible or reasoned.
example:  Deciding to stay in during the ice storm was a rational choice.

definition 2:  in control of one’s senses or mental faculties; not insane, hysterical, or deluded.
example:  He’d had too much to drink and was no longer rational.

definition 3:  characteristically logical, or marked by the use of logic.
example:  Becoming a lawyer requires a rational mind.
example:  They came to an answer through a rational discussion of the issues.
example:  She gave a strong, rational argument for her position.

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Collocations:    Words often used in combination with the adjective rational

rational + NOUN:    ~ argument, ~ explanation, ~ thought, ~ choice, ~ decision, ~ debate, ~ basis (e.g., The decision must be made on a rational basis and not on our emotions), ~ thinking, ~ inquiry, ~ discourse, ~ decision-making, ~ justification, ~ behavior, ~ response

ADVERB + rational:    perfectly ~ (e.g., His explanation for what happened was perfectly rational),  entirely ~ , wholly ~ , purely ~ , seemingly ~

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