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    shaI st@r

    a person, usu. a lawyer, who uses underhanded, unethical methods.
    That shyster accepted her fee for his services but did almost nothing for her.

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    neI seI @r

    a person who refuses, denies, or opposes, esp. because of cynicism or pessimism.
    They went ahead with their ambitious plan despite the arguments of the naysayers.

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ren d@r

transitive verb
definition 1:  to present for payment or consideration.
example:  Your payment is overdue: please render the amount due within ten days.
example:  Would anyone else like to render their opinion on this matter?

definition 2:  to cause to become; make.
example:  He tried to escape, but his broken leg rendered him helpless.

definition 3:  to give or offer, especially in order to help or assist.
example:  The Red Cross rendered aid to the needy during the emergency.

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