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 rih suhrch  [or]  ri suhrch

definition 1:  systematic investigation and study to obtain and analyze information, as about a theory, event, intellectual discipline, or the like.
example:  The institute is conducting research on the benefits of sleep.
example:  More research needs to be carried out before a cure can be found for this disease.
example:  I had to do some research in the library for my history paper.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the noun “research” in academic writing or speaking

VERB + research:    conduct ~ ,  carry out ~ ,  undertake ~,  fund ~

research + VERB:    ~ examine  (e.g., our research examines the impact of the rise in water levels), ~ indicate,  ~ suggest  (e.g., preliminary research suggests that the opposite is true),  ~ support,  ~investigate,  ~ explore, ~ focus  (e.g., the research focuses on two important issues),  ~ demonstrate,  ~ document

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