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rih spons

definition 1:  the act or process of responding.
example:  The government’s response to the problem came too late for many.

definition 2:  a written or spoken answer; reply.
example:  She got a quick response to her letter.
example:  It seemed like a neutral question, and he was surprised at the angry response he received.

definition 3:  the reaction of a living organism to a stimulus.
example:  The doctor was pleased with the patient’s response to the drug.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the noun response

response + PREPOSITION:

  • ~  to (e.g., the audience’s response to the play, the patient’s response to the drug)
  • ~ from (e.g., Have you had a response from your lawyer yet?)

VERB + response:    receive ~ , consider ~, elicit ~ , provoke ~ ,  formulate ~,  submit ~ , prepare ~ , expect ~, await ~ , trigger ~ , coordinate ~ , measure ~ , demand ~ , evoke ~, stimulate ~ , induce ~



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