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re v@ lu sh@ naIz

transitive verb
definition:  to radically alter in ways that have wide-ranging effects; transform.
example:  The invention of the microchip revolutionized the field of computer technology.
example:  Assembly line production revolutionized the auto industry.
example:  The book revolutionized society’s thinking with regard to the treatment of prisoners.

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Collocations:    Words often used in combination with the transitive verb revolutionize

revolutionize + NOUN:    ~ industry, ~ technology, ~ field, ~ practice  (e.g., revolutionized the practice of medicine), ~ way  (e.g., revolutionized the way businesses are run), ~ medicine, ~ treatment (e.g., an invention that revolutionized the treatment of disease), ~ communications, ~ thinking, ~ world  (e.g., revolutionized the world of online shopping), ~ science, ~ warfare, ~ architecture, ~ software, ~ development

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