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definition 1:  the character played by an actor or actress.
example:  The role of Hamlet is a challenge for any actor.

definition 2:  the customary or expected behavior associated with a particular position in a society.
example:  She feared that she could not fulfill the role of a royal princess.

definition 3:  the function or particular part in something that a thing or person plays.
example:  We know that vitamins play an important role in nutrition.
example: There will be an investigation into the vice president’s role in the conspiracy.

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Collocations:  Words often used in combination with the noun “role”

VERB + role:    play ~ ,  perform ~,  reprise ~,   fulfill ~ , define ~ , undertake ~,   examine ~ ,  expand ~ ,  investigate ~ ,  clarify ~,  highlight ~ ,  emphasize ~




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